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What´s keeping us busy? Status £ 1920,82

Dear supporters

A very short update on what´s keeping the #buyalib team busy.

  • We collected donations via a paypal account in the UK and one in USA. We are looking for cheapest way to transfer the US money to UK so we can get all the money to work for the library in India.
  • We are working on how we get information from India through out the process to keep you informed about YOUR library via this blog.
  • We are waiting on an answer that could give the project a last money boost – but nothing is sure yet.

Last: Let me tell you that out donation status is £ 1920,82 – which is awesome. Thank you once again for your contributions and interest in our project.

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#buyalib update – £1,384, and we close this down on Friday

A brief update post. Thanks to some incredibly generous donations, we are now up to one thousand, three hundred and eighty-four pounds! This is enough to buy the permanent library in India we were aiming for, AND a mobile library in Africa!

Thank you all so much for promoting and donating to this project.

We’re finishing this on Friday, exactly two weeks after we started – amazing how much you can achieve collectively in a fortnight. So, if you still want to donate, make sure you get in there quick!

(Donate button removed after close of campaign. –ay)

Thank you.

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status update: £750!

In just one week, we have raised £750! That’s 60% of what we need to build a library in India.

For reference, £750 would also buy you one of these:

Or, if you prefer, 454 of these:

In other news, a lot of you have asked for more specifics about how and where the money will be spent, and we’ve contacted the charities involved with questions, so I hope to be able to share that information with you shortly.

We remain amazed at your generosity and supportiveness: thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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We have the bricks but we also need books

A short post to thank you for getting us more than half way towards our goal in a week.

£ 680 now collected

We now have the bricks but we still need someone to make them into a library and add books and librarians.

(Donate button removed after close of campaign. –ay)

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Who spends the money we’re raising, and how?

There has been a huge amount of interest in the Buy India a Library campaign, and so far you’ve raised £480 for the cause, from nothing. This is amazing! But we’ve got a long way to go, so please help us keep the momentum up if you can, by giving (donate button below), spreading the word via your own blogs or Twitter feeds, or both. We can see from when the donations come in that there is a direct correlation between people blogging about this, and people donating – if you write a post, you may just catalyse some charitable giving. 🙂

We want to provide some more detailed information about exactly what we’rre raising money for. People already know how we’re going to spend the money, but they want to know precisely who is spending it too. So, here’s some more info.

The company through which we are buying these libraries is UK-based, and called This is an online catalogue filled with philanthropic gifts, and it has achieved a huge amount – over 100,000 gifts have been given via the charity. Just imagine, all of those could have been book tokens… Instead, the work GoodGifts have done has given 150 villages fresh water where they had none before, helped 150,000 orphans through dowries, and 4,000 children have been given the gift of sight having previously been blind!

It is the brain-child of the Charities Advisory Trust, a registered charity with more than  25 years of experience. What’s great about GoodGifts is that the money is guarenteed to be used for the specific purpose advertised – it doesn’t go into a general pot of cash, it is used specifically for what the customer chooses. So, via this campaign libraries will come into existence which were not in existence previously, thanks to your donation! GoodGifts charges a £4.95 handling fee on top of the cost of the gift – we (buyalib) will pay this fee, and the entirety of the money we raise will go directly to the charities involved.

Once we give the money to GoodGifts, specialist charities take over to administer the donation, and in this case literally build and kit out the libraries. The library in India will come from the Rural Literacy and Health Programme (RLHP), set up in 1984. To quote the organisation’s website, the RLHP “…operates in 56 slums and 25 villages in Mysore, Mandya & Chamarajanagar districts of Karnataka State in South India covering a population of 50,000.”

The donkey drawn libraries are delivered by the African Educational Trust a UK registered charity formed more than 50 years ago, dedicated to support education in Africa. The mobile libraries are aimed at kids, and contain around 100 fiction, non-fiction and reference books – the libraries travel to schools in Somalia, Sudan and Uganda (all of which are low on supplies of books, due to being former war zones).

We’ve added a FAQ page to this blog, which talks about these issues and many more relating to the #buyalib project. If you have any other questions we’d be happy to answer them!

In the meantime, if you can give any money at all, please use the Donate button below (the currency is £). Thank you very much.

(Donate button removed after close of campaign. –ay)

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The Video Guide to Buy India a Library

Do you want to know all about our project in less than two minutes? Watch this video where Andromeda Yelton shares the basic facts.

The video was recorded by American Libraries Magazine at the ALA Mid Winter meeting in San Diego, USA and published here.

Please help us by donating! The currency is in Pounds Sterling.

(Donate button removed after close of campaign. –ay)

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We’ve raised enough for two mobile libraries, in just 24hrs!

The Buy India a Library campaign kicked off yesterday, and thanks to incredibly generous support from across the world we already have more than three hundred pounds! Donations from Europe, Australia and the UK have come flooding in, meaning that within 24hrs of launch we had already recieved enough cash to buy two mobile libraries in Africa, and a Book Grant. This is absolutely amazing – thank you!


If you can help us get further towards are ultimate goals by dontating, that would be fantastic (note the amount is in the currency Sterling / Pounds) – we still have a long way to go to reach our goals.

(Donate button removed after close of campaign. –ay)

Thank for any help you can give us! Whether it’s by donating using the button above, or just spreading the word about the campaign by any and all means (including tweeting a link to this post, or sharing it on Facebook – or just by telling your friends or sending an email to staff at your library) we are incredibly grateful – it’s amazing to think that where there was previously nothing, now there will be books and libraries – crowd sourced from librarians everywhere.


Subscribe to the blog for more updates on how we’re doing – and stay tuned for an in-depth look at exactly how and where the money is spent, and the organisations who are spending it.

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what it costs to buy a library

So, how much does it cost to buy India a library?

If each of Andromeda’s followers chipped in: £1250/426 = £2.93 each ($4.55, 25.84 Danish kroner).

If each of Jan’s followers chipped in: £1.76 ($2.73, 15.52 DKK).

If each of Ned’s followers chipped in: £1.44 ($2.24, 12.70 DKK).

You know what else you could buy for $2.24, plus or minus?

Starbucks' Christmas Bokeh

You do the math.

Please help us reach our goal by donating (note the amount is in the currency Sterling / Pounds).

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