Help us build and fund a library in India

This blog has been set up by four Information Professionals from the US and Europe, to buy India a library, via Good (You can read more about who we are on the About page.) We’re launching a new year appeal to raise money enough to build and fund either a mobile library in Africa or permanent library in India, covering areas which are currently book-free zones. If you have any connection with libraries and spare any money at all, please donate whatever you want to via the PayPal button at the bottom of this post.

Depending on how much we raise, we will buy one or more of the following:

A donkey drawn mobile library…

Details on the mobile library

Click the image to view the details on

A grant to buy books for a mobile library…

Details on the book grant

Click to view the original on

A full scale, permanent library, including staff, furniture, and books…

Details of the Village library

Click to view details on

How cool would it be to buy any of that stuff! None of us can easily cover those costs on our own, but together we can raise enough cash to make a huge difference, to a great library related cause.

The organization behind this is well known in the UK, and you can see exactly what it is we’re planning to buy, by clicking on any of the images above. We’ll gather all the money donated and when we have enough we fund as many books or libraries as we can.

Please help us reach our goal by donating (note the amount is in the currency Sterling / Pounds).

(Donate button removed after close of campaign. –ay)

It goes without saying – although we will say it anyway! – that the paypal account we are using will ONLY be used for this project.

Please give whatever you are able, and please spread the word! You can use the share buttons at the bottom of the post to link to this post from Twitter, Facebook and so on – we are using the hashtag #buyalib. (If you’re on the homepage reading this, you may not be able to see the Share buttons – click here to go to this post specifically, where they will appear as if by magic…)

Thanks. Let’s do this!

– The Buy India A Library Team (Ned, Andromeda, Jan, and Justin)


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  1. #1 by Ashley on January 11, 2011 - 7:19 pm

    I’m guessing the answer is “no,” but do you have any way to give tax receipts? If not, have you considered what lots of other on-line crowd fundraising initiatives do by letting people donate directly to the charity and then self-reporting to you how much they gave?

    • #2 by thewikiman on January 12, 2011 - 8:03 am

      Hey Ashley, I’m afraid we don’t, no.

      The reason we can’t do the self-report donation thing (or rather we could, but it’s complicated…) is because this isn’t like a charity donation where you give a random amount of money to a cause – we are literally going to purchase a library, which will come into existence because of our donation. It is a direct action. So it would be awesome if people went to the site and bought a book grant or a mobile library themselves, and told us about it – but we’d still need to reach the totals neccessary to buy what we have planned because it’s an all-or-nothing purchase, rather than adding money to an existing pot.

      If you see what I mean?

  1. History – Why we did this « Buy India a Library

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